Illustrated human body poster designed to take children on a journey of discovery into beginner s biology. Ideal for encouraging young learners, this clear, colourful and highly informative poster shows the major organs and bones of the body. Attractive, colourful poster Rolls up for easy storage Suitable for home or school use Can be used for independent learning or school projects Dimensions are 610 X 915 mm More illustrated in the Collins Children s Poster series include the Alphabet Poster (9780008304690), First Words Poster (9780008304706), First Phonics Poster (9780008304720), Numbers 1-20 Poster (9780008304737), Numbers 1-100 Poster (9780008304744), Telling the Time Poster (9780008304768), Adding Up Poster (9780008304775), Times Tables Poster (9780008304782), Flags Poster (9780008304799), and Solar System Poster (9780008304805) Illustrated by Steve Evans.

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