It s the sweltering summer of 1944, and Newark is in the grip of a terrifying epidemic. Decent, athletic twenty-three year old playground director Bucky Cantor is devoted to his charges and ashamed with himself because his weak eyes have excluded him from serving in the war alongside his contemporaries. As polio begins to ravage Bucky s playground – child by helpless child – Roth leads us through every emotion such a pestilence can breed: the fear, the panic, the anger, the bewilderment, the suffering and the pain. The genius of Philip Roth…back at his imperious best in this heartbreaking tale… The eloquence of Roth s storytelling makes Nemesis one of his most haunting works Daily Mail Cantor is one of Roth s best creations and the atmosphere of terror is masterfully fashioned Sunday Telegraph Very fine, very unsettling Douglas Kennedy, The Times

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