The paperback of Walker s magnificent edition of Homer s epic story, illustrated with lavish full colour pictures and exquisite black and white silhouettes. Homer s great story is retold with simplicity and style by award-winning children s writer Gillian Cross, and vividly brought to life in Neil Packer s stunning illustrations. It charts the ten year epic voyage of Odysseus as he returns from the Trojan War to the island of Ithaca. On his journey he encounters all manner of perils, from the man-eating Cyclops and the evil sorceress Circe, to the deadly lure of the Sirens and the wrath of the sea-god Poseidon. Neil Packer s striking imagination, and his extraordinary use of colour and dramatic silhouettes, capture the terrors of Odysseus s travels as well as the dangers faced by his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus at home. The illustrations are a perfect complement to Gillian Cross s beguiling narrative, which transports the reader effortlessly into Homer s world.

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